Welcome  to the website of the translation agency «Inostranny grajdanin»!

Why us?

Ordering a translation in the translation agency «Inostranny grajdanin» you get following benefits:

- high quality:  We work hard on searching the best and most suitable candidates according to the work experience and professionalism of our translators. Also we use modern software that both speed up working process and let us fulfill our clients’ requirements.

- possibility to make a translation in a very short  time:  If you need to translate a big amount of  documents in a short time, we’ll help you.

- it’s convenient with us:  Applying to our center you can always expect making a contract, cashless transfers, and all necessary documents. To make an  order and get the translation, you don’t need to go  out of your home or office. Using modern ways of connection and payment, we can work with  clients from other Russian cities and foreign  countries. You can make an order on our website via «online order» form.

- «one window» principle:  So called principle of one window helps you to save your time therefore  your money. We take upon ourselves visiting  authorities you need to get your documents ready (for example notary certification of translation). You can get your documents in the office of our translation agency in Nizhny Novgorod.

- сonfidentiality guarantee:  Translation agency «Inostranny grajdanin» guarantees confidentiality of all of the data we use while making translations and providing a service.

How to make an order?

It’s very simple!


- Via telephone number: 230-44-11, 8-960-17-000-11

- Send a letter with a file attached you need to translate on our e-mail address: .

- Contact: Nizhny Novgorod, Kanavinsky district, Dolzhanskaya St., 1 (near United Center of Migration and  Department of the Federal Migration Service for Kanavinsky district).

- Fill up «Online order» form. You can write any  additional information that you consider to be important. Please write the correct telephone numbers and e-mail addresses  so that we could contact you.

No matter what way you choose, our experts will contact coordinates you mentioned.

Confiding us, you choose professionals!  

Join plenty of the companies and private persons who have been our clients for years and you won’t regret!